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Pet Care Ft Myers | Hurricane Preparedness For Your Pet

In Ft Myers proper care of your pets includes planning in advance for their needs in the event of a hurricane. Any situation or event that presents danger for humans is equally dangerous for our pets, they should never be left behind to fend for themselves, and plans for their needs and comfort should be made well in advance.

Keep in mind when assembling a disaster preparedness kit for your pets that while a hurricane will normally pass through an area in 24 hours, often times electric and water service may be cut off for a week or even longer.

A suitable emergency kit for pets should include ...

A waterproof container to store ...

Photos of your pet.

Proof of current vaccinations.

A description of your pet.

Medications, info on when to give the medications, & medical conditions.

Information regarding any behavioral problems.

Name and phone # of your pets veterinarian.

Records of shots and immunizations.

Feeding schedules.

Your name, phone# (home & cell)

Other necessary items for your emergency kit ...

Food and water to last a week.

Bowls for food and water.

Leashes, cages, and or carriers of adequate size for your pets comfort.

Grooming products.

Blankets, bedding, or towels.

First aid kit.

A hand operated can opener.

Cats need kitty litter and a litter box.


Paper towels.

Household bleach.

Trash bags.

If it's practical you may consider bringing your pets bed and a few familiar toys.

Birds, reptiles, and small mammals such as gerbils and hamsters should be kept in an adequately sized carrier, and will require an emergency kit much the same as listed above for dogs and cats.

When disaster strikes you will need to know in advance where you are going. It is recommended that you call ahead of time to locate pet friendly hotels, motels, or shelters as many such places do not allow pets, and those that do fill up fast. Your local humane society or emergency management council may have information regarding safe places you can bring your pets to ride out the storm. Compile a list of the names and addresses of pet friendly shelters in the area you would most likely evacuate to as well as your own neighborhood. You may also want to keep a list of kennels, veterinarians, or animal boarding facilities that would be willing to house your pets during an emergency. The more options you are aware of the better off you will be when you need them.

Lee county pet friendly hurricane shelters

South Fort Myers High School, 14020 Plantation Road, Fort Myers

East Lee County High, 715 Thomas Sherwin Avenue S, Lehigh Acres

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