Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ft Myers Man Cares About Pets

I have a friend who is one of those people that care's about his pets the way most people only care for their children. He has 3 dogs, 4 cats, 2 birds, and a ferret. He keeps them all well groomed, he feeds them the best food he can find, he brings them toys, and he makes sure they all get the individual attention they need. Keeping them happy is what makes him the happiest!

As an outside observer it seemed to be a never ending, insurmountable task that took up a significant part of his daily routine. To take care of one pet is a challenge for me, he made taking care of 10 pets look easy! I asked him one day what made him so devoted to his pets. He was more than happy to tell me!

In his 20's, prior to moving to Ft Myers, he lived in upstate New York. One cold winter night, in the middle of a near blizzard, with the temperature around 20 degrees, he and his dog were sitting in front of a nice warm fire ... cozy, quiet, and peaceful. He remembered he hadn't checked his mail, and knew if the snow got much higher he might not be able to for a day or so. He got up from his chair, threw on a jacket and opened the door to go outside and his dog was right there beside him in a flash ... anxious to go with him! My friend looked out the door, then back to the nice soft rug in front of the fireplace, then back to the front door and thought ... "who in the world would want to get up from a cozy spot like that, and head out into a blizzard simply because that is what I'm doing!"
The answer ... "this dog ... thats it!"

His brother? ... Doubtful.

His buddies? ... Not likely.

His Girlfriend? ... No WAY!!!

From that moment forward he started to appreciate the devotion, friendship, and unconditional love he got from his pets, and over a period of time he has gotten better and better at finding ways to return the favor. He claims " everyone knows a pet is a commitment for life, however, it's not just a commitment for the length of their life, but for the quality of their life as well."

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